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What beautiful pictures, all of you are so talented!  Thank you so much.  Please send me pictures of what you have done with my designs.  I love to see the talent that is out there.


Your Picture Here!

Your Picture Here!

Your Picture Here!


Cathy wrote:  Thought I would share my Geisha Girl Quilt.   If you want to post it please do.    I definitely enjoyed the designs a lot.    Thanks.  P.S.  -   This quilt is being sent off to Japan for an Earth Quake victims.  WOW Cathy!!!  You did a fantastic job!  Let her know wha a greatjob she did:  Click on Picture for a bigger view. 


Sue Hofer wrote: Here is a picture of a quilt that my sister and I made for her grandson for Christmas this year.  Thanks for your beautiful designs!!  Wow, beautiful Job Sue!


Linda Bethany wrote: I wanted to show you a a picture of my great grandson's baby blanket that I made using your cute monkeys.  He is my 7th great grand baby. 
The designs stitched out terrific and I had fun making this.  I have not made but two quilts so please excuse the errors and I  will get more practice making the girl monkeys soon.  I have those already purchased also.  Love your designs and you do a fantastic job digitizing them.  Beautiful Job Linda!!


Geri wrote:  I purchased these designs and told you how much the kids in the home were going to love the quilts I made from them.  Here is a picture of the finished products.  .
Beautiful Work Geri!!


Geri also did this quilt with the .  Wonderful Geri!


Nell ummerlin wrote:  Attached is a photo of a baby quilt I made using your Sock Monkey designs.  They stitched perfectly.  I did change colors in the designs.  Thanks for such great designs.  Beautiful work Nell!  I love the color changes.


June Gibbs wrote:  here is the second time I embroidered the Patriotic designs for someone in the quilters guild in my community for her son in law.  These designs are really nice and universal .  Beautiful work June!


paulson wrote: I just want to share with you a picture of a baby quilt I made for my great-neice Madlyn using your Sock Monkey girl designs. Everyone just loved it. I embroidered on cloth diapers also for brup cloths. Am now busy again making another quilt for another baby girl to be born this month and in May I will have a great nephew so I will be using your sock monkey boy designs. Thank you for such beautiful designs! 


Kristy (  wrote:  it is a hairbow holder that i made for a customer of mine. i love the design and it worked up beautifully!  So Cute Kristy, thank you!!! 


Sharon wrote:  I realized Redwork Garden Girl is just perfect for my sister who loves to garden.  Thank you so much.  Great Job Sharon!


Kay wrote:  I've been stitching out your oriental bowls on silk and they're stunning!!  Wow Kay, you did a great job, just beautiful! 


Irene wrote:  Cindy, I purchased these Raggedy Canela  designs from you several weeks ago...I just completed a quilt top for a precious little 3yr girl...thought you may want to see it...I'm pretty pleased with it..
Irene Fuller
How sweet Irene, you did a wonderful job!


Eileen wrote:  Cindy, I absolutely LOVE the lace butterfly designs…and I’m sending you a picture of the pillow I made using some of them. Great Job Eileen!


Joyce wrote:   I've made 2 t-shirts with 3 Sock Kitty designs on each and have yet to get to keep one for myself!!!  Everyone loves them and wants me to "do" one for them...  Great Job Joyce!!!  Thank you for sharing with us.


Leslie Puentes from Raspberry Dimples made this adorable little girls dress with my Applique Poodle on the front of it.  Beautiful work Leslie!


Debbie of KS wrote:  Here is the finished trick or treat bag.  My girls enjoyed sewing out the design and using it on their bags.  This design is a FREE MOC Design only at OPW Mall.  Great Job!


Cathy from Ireland sent this picture to me of a soft cloth book she did for her granddaughter.  Click on the picture to see the inside of the book using April Animals.  Great Job Cathy!


Gail did this Quilt using Floral Hearts in the 5x7 hoop size.  Beautiful Job Gail!


Nancy wrote:  I wanted to tell you thank you for the "flip-flop" border you so graciously gave us on the group.  I used it to make tote bags for my daughters wedding in Cancun, Mexico.  I made 5 bags, one for each couple that came with them.  We got stopped many times in Cancun asking  where we purchased them.  Wow, Nancy, great job! 


Jeanne wrote: I made this quilt for a raffle prize for one of our fund raisers at our Elks Lodge.  As you can imagine, they are quite popular.  I have done quite a few over the years.  This is one of my favorites though.  These are not the run of the mill designs and give quite a nice touch with a different touch.  I added two other motifs to the group. You can't see it in the photo, but I 'freemotioned'  Gold metallic around the motifs.  It really gives it a very rich look.  I also used the gold for the stars throughout.  Beautiful Job Jeanne!


Debbie Davis sent me photographs of her DOW Towels she made with the Roly Poly Chefs.  She matched the Chefs outfit with the color of the towels.  Great Job Debbie!  To see more pictures of her towels, click on

mousequilt.jpg sent me this picture of a quilt she made with all the Mice.  Adorable!


Karen from KJ's Kreations sent this picture to me and said: I love the way this turned out.  It was my first bowl and it was so easy.  I made this for my sister for Easter.  Thank you. Great Job Karen!


Kathryn S. wrote: Here is a picture of my daughter's friend's bag.  Thanks again for the cute design!  Great Job Kathryn!


Lori sent me a picture of her mouse pad.  He is so sweet Lori, thank you!


Sally did this darling tote bag for her grand daughter of Little Mouse 1.  Great job Sally!


Cynthia from TN wrote: I just love your mice, I stitched these out on a sweat shirt for my self.
Great Job Cynthia!


this little girls purse with the
 Applique Poodle on it.  Great idea!


De Powell wrote:  Just thought I would send you a picture of your darling Christmas socks and the tags.  It was fun making them to send along with a "Christmas Bag" to my niece's baby in Australia.  Thanks for such cute designs,
De Powell
Just Beautiful De, thank you!  Click on picture for a bigger view.


Karen sent me this picture of a quilt she did using Minna The Witch designs.  This is a Quilts for Kids in Distress.  Beautiful Karen!


Connie wrote:  I thought you would like to see a mini-wedding ring bowl I made for my sister for her birthday...don't know if it shows well enough but I used R/A variegated--pinks to rose red colors called Kissable. My sister has this cute little table next to her chair in the sitting area of her bedroom and the colors pick up on her curtains in the room.  Beautiful Connie! 


I put this (Happy Holidays design in oval frame only) on a set of placemats for my sons family. I really liked this design and the work you do.  Thank you.  Margaret Card
Great Job Margaret! 


Cindy sent me a picture of her Sock Poodles


Nina sent this picture in of a bowl she made for her husband using one of my fsl bowls and the fringe heart free sample.  Great job Nina!


Brenda wrote: "I have had such fun sewing them out and they are just beautiful.  Thank You for such beautiful designs".  They look wonderful Brenda!


Kitty B wrote: I wanted to do something special for Easter with my family and this just worked great! The napkins really lit up our dinner table.  Great job Kitty!


This is a quilt top Marilyn is making with the designs.  I love those colors Marilyn!


Here is a purse made with the Free Sample called Fringed Lady


Here is a window pane shirt done with the Patriotic Buzz Minis from Karen.  You did a wonderful job, thank you!


Sally sent this to me saying "Attached is a picture of one of the many blankets I have made for friends and family with your sleepy bear design.  I think that design is so cute."  You do really nice work Sally, thank you!  You can find this design here:


Lisa in Houston, Texas wrote: "This is a placemat purse I made for my sister.  Thank you so very much for it"  You're welcome Lisa!  Thank you for sending me a picture of your talented work!



Marilyn's granddaughter is going to love her new clock.  She used glow in the dark thread for the clouds.  Wow, just beautiful!  You can see the Birthstone Bears here


Lynnea said " I love them, and my SIL wants a set...*The Bath* in we have a little nouveau french...I get tons of compliments on that I will get the pics of the pin cushions as soon as I can ".  WOW, beautiful work Lynnea!  Click on picture to see a bigger view. 


Marilyn sent me this picture of this beautiful baby quilt she made from my design set called Nite-Time Friends.  Beautiful Job Marilyn!


Lisa Clarkson used one of my poodle designs for this Skirt.  Just wonderful!  You can see my poodle collection here:


Naomi  at  sent this picture to me and said:  "I've been having a ball stitching out these bowls.  Also getting lots of compliments.  Rose Bowl is done with metallic white thread and is the 4" size.  Thanks for all the work you did in not only creating these designs, but also in making sure I got them."  Beautiful Job Naomi, thank you! 



Marilyn at sent me the 2 pictures above and said "I ordered the valentine designs last week and stitched them out for a friend Cathi who in turn made a gorgious wall hanging for her Daughterinlaws birthday next week thought you would enjoy seeing a photo"  Wow, what a beautiful job, thank you for the pictures!


Ann  sent me a picture of my free bookmarker she did for her daughter's book buddie a single color.  I think I like it better one color Ann, Great Job!


Kathy Harris says: I'm addicted to crazy quilting lately, so that's what I did with the night-time friends collection. I used that Minkee fleece for the back and wrapped it around to the front. There's alot of hours in the quilt, but it was fun.  Just Beautiful!  If you would like some info on how she did this quilt, you can e-mail her here:


Wow-what a great job!  Thank you Ruth in Lacey, WA  You can find the FSL Turkey Bowl Centerpiece here:  FSL Turkey Bowl


Great Job Marilyn!  You can find nite-time clocks here:  Nite-Time Clocks


These fsl heart bowls were done in different colors and sizes by Donna.  Just wonderful Donna!


Here are two more FSL Heart Bowls.  The Butterfly was added.  WOW!  Just beautfiul, great job!


HLMOODY sent me this picture of two turkey bowls with this message:  Just sending a picture of my turkey bowl.  It went together so fast and easy.  I enjoyed stitching it!!  My daughter came by as I was starting on it and said " O mom, that is going to be so cute.  Would look good with candy corn in it for Thanksgiving." So Mom ended up making two!!   Great Job!


This picture of her towel was sent to me by Judy and is the poodle from my set called Applique Critters.  Nice job Judy!  To see this set, click below:  Applique Critters


Its a wooden honey pot with embroidered honey letters and felt honey. I just love the face expression on the bear. I am going to make a necklace too.  Thank you Jan!  You can e-mail Jan here:  Craftyjan2000


This wonderful wall quilt was done by Kathy using Applique Trick or Treaters.  Great job Kathy!


This picture is Judy's "preppy" poodle.  Great job Judy!  If you would like to ask her any questions, you can e-mail her here:


This is a necklace that Jan did also.  Wow, great job!  To see Birthstone Babies set, click below:  Birthstone Babies


This is a mobile made from Birthstone Babies.  What a great idea!  Thank you Terri in KS