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Birthstone Babies  2004  are Free Standing Lace Designs.  There are 10 designs for the 4x4 and 5x7 hoops.  4x4 is $10.00, 5x7 is $10.00 and both 4x4 and 5x7 is $15.00.  These designs can be used for bookmarkers, key fobs, bookbags (or sachels), you could even hang one from the mirror of your car, and I've seen a lot of different things hanging from rearview mirrors.  Could be placed on a bedroom doorknob or as a decoration on a birthday present, even christmas presents.  You could use it as a decoration on a window.  Even a magnet for a refrigerator.  These would make great items for a craft fair.

These designs were sewn on vinyl so you can see what they will look like.  That's why they look shiny.  If you decide to sew on Aqua-Magic, or something similar, please use a heavier weight, or at least two sheets that are crisscrossed for best results.


4x4 size is 3.21 x 3.86
(stitches: 10804)
5x7 size is 4.42 x 5.31
(stitches: 15942)


4x4 size is 2.23 x 3.77
(stitches: 11801)
5x7 size is 3.15 x 5.33
(stitches: 18241) 


4x4 size is 3.02 x 3.85
(stitches: 16088)
5x7 size is 4.18 x 5.31
(stitches: 23203)


4x4 size is 2.25 x 3.87
(stitches: 12648)
5x7 size is 3.09 x 5.32
(stitches: 18078)


4x4 size is 2.50 x 3.98
(stitches: 14325)
5x7 size is 3.42 x 5.32
(stitches: 19600)


4x4 size is 2.43 x 3.67
(stitches: 8283)
5x7 size is 3.53 x 5.32
(stitches: 10737)


4x4 size is 2.45 x 3.89
(stitches: 11114)
5x7 size is 3.36 x 5.32
(stitches: 13648)


4x4 size is 3.27 x 3.86
(stitches: 11660)
5x7 size is 4.51 x 5.32
(stitches: 15951)


4x4 size is 2.80 x 3.68
(stitches: 9935)
5x7 size is 4.04 x 5.31
(stitches: 13635)


These are from a tester of mine, Carol.  She added jewels to the designs.  Thank you Carol!


4x4 size is 2.58 x 3.82
(stitches: 10242)
5x7 size is 3.59 x 5.32
(stitches: 13677)


These are from Bonnie, another tester.  Thank you Bonnie!


If using these designs as bookmarkers or key fobs, sew on vinyl.  This can be purchased at Wal-Mart or Joann Fabrics.  It has the green and white paper on the back.  Make sure when you hoop the vinyl, to remove this green and white paper backing.  Photo 1 shows you the first color of the Zebra design.


Photo 2 shows the finished design still in the hoop.


Photo 3 shows you how I placed a small key chain ring onto the design, then placed my house keys onto the ring.


Photo 4 shows you how to use this design as a bookmarker.  I also have a Fashion Jewel on this design - hence "Birthstone Babies".  You do not have to use Fashion Jewels on these designs.  I just wanted to show you how this looked.


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