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My Toy Poodle Danielle


This is our newest addition to our home.  Danielle.  She is 9 weeks old.  A cream color toy poodle.  She is the tiniest thing, we are so afraid of stepping on her.  I'm sure she is afraid we are going to step on her too, lol.  Anyway I had to show you this picture I took when we brought her home.  I will post more pictures in the coming weeks.  This was taken on October 11, 2005. 
I took Danielle to the vet for her second puppy shot and she weighs 2 pounds 10 ounces.  She did really well for her first visit, Mom was so proud of her.


Danielle has been in her new hone for a month now, and in the picture above she has her favorite sock in her mouth.  Took her to the vet for her third puppy shot, and she weighs 3 pounds 11 ounces.  She didn't cry at all, Mom is so proud. 
Danielle loves to play from the time she gets up to the time she goes to bed at time.  Doing really well with potty training too! 



Danielle had her first trip to the Groomer, Spoiled and Pampered.  They did a puppy cut on her this time to get her use to all the noise.  She didn't look at the camera in the first picture, so I had to take another one.  Red Eyes.  I will have to find that setting on my camera to touch up those red eyes. 
She had her last puppy shot and weighed in a 5 pounds even.  So we do not have to go back to the vet for a whole year.  I know she is happy about that! 


Danielle got her hair done today!  I wanted a poodle cut this time to see how she would look.  She was such a good girl. 


Here she is playing with one of her favorite toys.  I told her to smile, can you tell?  She will be 6 months old tomorrow. 


Here is a side view of her.  She weighs 8 pounds. 


Newest Picture of Danielle.  She is now 1 year old.  Her birthday was June 29, 2006.  She has turned into a beautiful little lady.  Mommy is so proud of her.  She loves to get her hair done at the "Spoiled & Pampered Dawggy Shop". 


This is a picture of my grandson Kevin holding Danielle.  They are both enjoying Summer.